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Will Attic Insulation Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter?

Do your heating bills spike every winter as you struggle to stay warm and cozy during cold snaps? Before you replace your heater, consider adding new insulation to your attic.

Attics are a top source of heat loss in most homes, as they’re prone to air leaks. Adding insulation to your attic can help you stay warm and reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

In this blog post, the insulation pros at Edwards/Mooney & Moses focus on why attic insulation is so important and how to choose the best types for your home.

Why Attic Insulation Is Important in Winter

Technician blowing pink loose-fill fiberglass insulation into an unfinished attic.

Heated air naturally rises, and if your home isn’t properly sealed and insulated, some of that heat will bleed through into the attic through gaps in the insulation and thermal conduction through the ceiling.

Attic insulation can slow this transfer of heat. It provides a strong thermal barrier between the living area, the attic and the outdoors, reducing heat loss, and it helps seal the air gaps that allow heated air to escape. Neglecting to insulate your attic can lead to significantly higher utility costs and a reduced life span for your HVAC system.

With high-quality attic insulation installed by a professional, you can maximize your energy savings, pay less to heat your home and turn on the heat less often to keep your home comfortable.

Best Attic Insulation

The effectiveness of insulation is measured by R-value. If your area requires a higher R-value for attics, it’s important to make sure you meet this requirement to ensure your insulation does its job.

If you have old or damaged insulation already in place, you might need to remove it or hire an insulation contractor for retrofitting.

There are several good choices for attic insulation in the Columbus area, including:

  • Spray foam insulation: Spray foam offers the highest R-value per inch of installed material. It also expands to fill wherever it’s applied, making it easy to fit more insulation in tight spaces like attic floors.
  • Fiberglass insulation: Blown-in fiberglass is ideal for attic floors because it can be piled high to maximize the installed R-value, and it’s quite cost-effective.
  • Cellulose insulation: Blown-in cellulose offers similar R-values to fiberglass, and it’s perfect for attic floors where it’s installed in thick layers for maximum thermal efficiency.

Professional Attic Insulation Installation in Columbus, OH

Ready to insulate your attic? Talk to the experts at Edwards/Mooney & Moses to learn more about our attic insulation and air sealing services. Our professionals can recommend the best types of insulation for each area of the attic.

Call (614) 254-5309 today to request a quote for attic insulation services in Columbus or surrounding areas.

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